Yogularm Infinite

Yogu Yogularm Infinite is a Java game in which Yogu - the player - jumps and runs through an auto-generated 2-dimensional world. As the name says, it is impossible to finish the game. However, the goal is to collect as many coins as possibly. Chicken make their own way through the dizzy air, and you have to watch out for arrows...

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Want to try it out?

Yogularm Infinite is available on all platforms supported by Java. Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. Then, click the green button and open it with the Java(TM) Web Start Launcher.

Yogularm is open-source. You can view and download the source at github.com. Feel free to make your changes!

Note: You will be asked whether you really want to start the appliction, because it requires full access over your computer. Unfortunately, there is currently no alternative.


Playing Yogularm: Yogu rides a platform and collects coins

Contact the author


Call me Yogu (yes, like the round yellow character in the game) and contact me via info@yogularm.de.

If you have any trouble starting or playing the game, please let me know. If you have an idea what could be added, improved or changed, let me know, too. The project is in an early-development state and needs your feedback!

Recent changes

Version 0.4 Alpha

  • New World Builder: Yogularm now can validate worlds and be sure that they are playable, no matter how complicated they are. For this reason, levels now are much more interesting and surprising.

Version 0.3.3 Alpha

  • Several bug fixes: Physics, chicken's AI, display issues, world generation.

Version 0.3.2 Alpha

  • Performance Update: Fixed a memory leak (Previously, the RAM usage grew very quickly and significantly).
  • Icon: Added an icon for the game window in the desktop version.

Version 0.3.1 Alpha

  • Crash fixed: Yogularm crashed on some devices, especially on several Android phones. This is now fixed. (Technical Information: The textures' dimensions were no powers of two, so some video cards could not load them).
  • Bug reporting: If the Android App crashes, it displays a detailed error message. If this happens to you, please copy the message by

Version 0.3 Alpha

  • Yogularm for Android: Yogularm is available as Android app. You have to download, copy to your sd card and open it from there because I don't want to pay USD 25,00 to place it in the Market.

Version 0.2 Alpha

  • Platforms: Propeller-powered wooden platforms carry you over large gaps.
  • Ladders: Sometimes, it is neccessary to climb a little upwards.
  • Physics: For ladders and especially platforms to work properly, the physics engine has been changed significantly.

Version 0.1.5 Alpha

  • Animations: Yogu and the chicken are now animated! Whether walking, flying or being hurt - the characters now are more lively.
  • Yogu gets thinner: In previous versions, you could stand half on air when the hand was over a stone. Note that although you'll have to get used to the new behavior, it is now more realistic.
  • Yogularm on small screens: If your desktop resolution is smaller than 1024x768 (or if you like to run the game in a smaller window), the game is now better to play.

Version Alpha

  • Reduced air grip: While flying in the air, the direction now changes more slowly than when standing on ground. Much more realistic.
  • Yogu wiggle fix: When the performance was inconsistent, Yogu sometimes began to jump in little steps even when touching none of the controls.
  • Camera wiggle fix: Previously, the camera began to shake when the window was too small.
  • New certificate: I'm very sorry, but the certificates the game was signed up to the last version became public, so they are no longer trustful. In this version, I have changed them.

Version Alpha

  • Physics Engine: The physics was updated to be more realistic, allowing to push chicken or even ride them for a short while.
  • Collision Fix: In the previous version, the player sometimes seemed to jump to another position on collision. This is (hopefully) fixed now.
  • Open Source: The source code of Yogularm Infinite is now available on github. Happy coding!


The game in its current state is fully-playable, so maybe I'll close the project. But of course it can be improved, and feature suggestions are always welcome. If you can develop in Java, get the source code fromgithub and feel free to implement your ideas.

Maybe I'll add more, especially mobile, enemies, which try to push you off the platforms. The current world builder is called Sky, because it creates platforms in the air. Other world builders would be possible, for example an underground lava cave or an underwater world.


The first version of Yogularm is dated back to 2006, written in BlitzBasic. Since then, it accompanied me in my way through different programming languages. 2009, I rewrote the complete game in Delphi and OpenGL. 2010 I had the idea of making it 3d, and I began writing code in Visual C# (and OpenGL), but I gave it up very early. Yogularm was not intended to be three-dimensional.

All those versions had one in common: The levels had to be created by human intelligence using a level editor. I had the idea of people inventing new levels and sharing them in a forum. But for that working fine Yogularm simply had too few players. I don't remember how many times I played my own levels of which I knew every detail by heart. It was not that fun playing it in every coffee break.

This year, in 2011, I got a new favorite computer game: Minecraft, a sandbox game - with an auto-generated world. Each time staring a new world, it is completely different - but always very interesting. I wondered if this would be applicable to a jump'n'run game. And so I started developing Yogularm Infinite.